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Due to its importance in the socio-economic life of the country, agriculture is one of the priority sectors of the non-oil industry. Rapid growth in agriculture spreads its benefits widely.

We also support growth of agricultural sub-sectors that show strong potential to increase micro, small, and medium enterprise (SMEs) with the purpose of accelerating the development of Azerbaijan’s non-oil economy.

Today agricultural development and innovations in the legislation make it necessary to regulate comprehensively the activities of farmers and agribusinesses. Our attorneys have provided legal support to agricultural entities to take appropriate legal steps towards the implementation and expansion of entrepreneurial activities. We have a deep undestanding and experience in drafting cross-border contracts, estate management, land use, landlord and tenant issues, planning, construction and development.

We have participated in the projects providing concessional (subsidized) financial loans to farmers, entrepreneurs and SMEs as a way to increase agricultural productivity and income, and facilitating the consolidation/ integration of production and marketing entities in agriculture to achieve economies of scale and stronger presence in markets.

We shall be your partner in regulation of agrarian issues with a deep knowledge of statements, which guides financial support for agricultural producers (subsidies, concessional loans, etc.), leasing agricultural machinery and technological equipment, insurance of agricultural risks, and agrarian management.

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