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Construction & Infrastructure

Understanding of all corners of construction and design works that accumulated over the years by being involved in various projects helps our team to assist you in every case of this process starting from negotiations phase up to the implementation of works.

Keeping complex infrastructure and large-scale construction projects on track requires an understanding of how and where problems can and frequently do occur long before they happen. We have specialized in all aspects of construction and infrastructure law with particular expertise in documenting and advising on complex projects.

Construction projects provided in the local legislative require approval and obtaining of construction permit before the commencement of the works. Failure to comply with the construction permits are severely punished, which may include liability and penalties. Therefore, at the outset, any project owner, contractor or subcontractor have to consider mandatory construction rules from the perspective of work coordination.

We have provided legal support any project owners, contractors or subcontractors in consulting on analysis of construction projects, assessment of legal risks during construction and investment activities, legal services on the organization and conduct of procurement (competitions, auctions, tenders).

Drafting various construction contracts (construction investment, construction contractor, subcontract, technical supervision, order, transportation, etc.) is other crucial part of construction. Our specialized contract attorneys have extensive experience in international construction contract forms, especially, in FIDIC contracts.

The provision of occupational safety and health in the workplace, working safely, strengthening control over the abidance to the safety rules, defining all risk factors which can prevent establishing a safe and healthy working environment and implementation of the continuous improvement process are under the spotlight. We also provide legal advice on the development of technical safety rules in the construction industry, the legal aspects of compliance with these rules, and the risks that may arise from their violation.

Our attorneys have deep insight into the sector and unparalleled expertise in transport and logistics. We have experience in giving legal representation and advice on transport for businesses across the country.

Our transport law expertise includes drafting specialized contracts of transportation and/or forwarding service, legal expertise of contracts; legal assistance in the regulation of issues connected with insurance of transported goods and passengers; consultations concerning application of international standards in the transport sphere as well as regulations of international acts in the field of transportation of cargoes.

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