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Education is one of the most sensitive areas of society and the rationalization and optimization of educational institutions is the priority of public policy. It is not a coincidence that the number of educational institutions has increased due to the opportunities and privileges to expand education services in this field. As a result, it has created conditions for comprehensive support of education services not only for the state but also for the private sector.

We support the full range of educational institutions and have extensive experience in a wide range of educational legal issues. We are deeply committed to education and understand the opportunities and challenges met by educational institutions.

As a result of their varied and extensive experience, our attorneys have a deep understanding of the substantive legal, regulatory and policy issues educational institutions may face.

Our law firm has an experience in transforming educational institutions into the most appropriate organizational structure so that they can benefit from all relative tax and legal privileges.

We also have an experience in preparation of contracts for the provision of educational services.

We understand the complex interplay of education law and best practice and offer you experienced attorneys who are always on hand to give you practical legal solutions to the problems you face and the confidence to react positively to opportunities. In this way, we deliver timely, cost-effective sector knowledge and insight along with a full range of commercial legal services, many of which are critical to the success of institutions and companies in the education sector.

We pride ourselves on providing you with accountable, straightforward and cost-effective legal support.

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