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Employment & Migration

Every foreigner and stateless person is subject to the migration legislation from the moment of his arrival in Azerbaijan. Violation of the terms of migration legislation entails penalties, expulsion of a foreigner and stateless person from the territory of Azerbaijan and other legal consequences.

At the same time, hiring of a foreigner and stateless person in violation of migration legislation results in the imposition of severe sanctions on employers.

Due to all this, foreigners, stateless persons, as well as employers with whom they have employment relations, need professional legal assistance in the area of migration.

Our attorneys assist individuals and corporations with all matters that relate to Azerbaijan immigration, naturalization, visa.

We know the cases of a permit for temporary and permanent residence to  foreigners in Azerbaijan, obtaining work permits and provide all kinds of legal support to foreigners in this regard. ENSIS attorneys work hard to help you come to the Azerbaijan and lawfully stay in the Azerbaijan. We analyze each case with careful precision and approach each situation from different varied angles to make sure to maximize each client’s chances of success in achieving their immigration goals. From start to finish, your case is handled by experienced lawyers dedicated to exclusive practice of immigration law.

We understand that a global workforce requires timely solutions to immigration matters including work permits, visas, study permits, permanent resident status and citizenship. We combine our detailed knowledge of local regulatory provisions with the reach of our law firm to successfully manage our clients’ cross-border issues wherever they arise.

The area of practice known as employment law covers the rights, obligations, and responsibilities within the employer-employee relationship-from wages and workplace safety to discrimination and wrongful termination. Employment law focuses primarily on labor law, but also addresses basic aspects of social security, immigration law, prevention of risks law, compliance, and diversity law, all of which are closely related.

ENSIS team is experienced with advising on a number of employment law matters on both contentious and non-contentious matters (e.g. legal assistance on classification of individuals as an employee or independent contractor based on behavioral and financial control, and relationship).

Our attorneys have sufficient experience in preparation and analysis of employment agreement or independent contractor, and other legal documents such as collective bargaining agreements, internal policies (e.g. Employee Fraud Prevention, Fiduciary Liability Insurance, Code of Conduct,  and etc.), safeguards against the sexual harassment, and violation of rights of disabled persons, and LGBT`s, across the gamut of employment law issues, ranging from less complex issues such as entitlements the drafting of employee handbooks.

Our experience advising both employers and employees not only makes us better evaluators and defenders of employment claims, it increases the likelihood that your employment issue will be resolved as successfully and efficiently as possible.

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