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Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most emerging areas with a crucial impact on the business in any field of industries, and its legal regulation requires a professional approach.

We advised companies engaged in the development of the latest IT solutions regarding the legal regulation of the creation, distribution, storage and processing of data.

Our extensive knowledge, deep skills and experience allows us to support industry leading companies in the compliance of IT systems with legal requirements, the management of legal risks arising out of IT systems, contracts and agreements relating to IT systems, and the resolution of disputes relating to IT systems.

Our attorneys have a broad understanding of various IT contracts including Service Provider (ASP)/ SaaS agreements, End-User License Agreement – EULA, agreements on software development, lisence, consumer consent, and etc., IP law (ranging from domain names to software licensing), and advise on information systems delivery and implementation, outsourcing, software development, e-commerce, cloud computing, cyber security, data protection, privacy, online services and associated regulatory compliance in each case across a broad spectrum of industries and technologies.

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