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Insolvency & Bankruptcy

The role of an attorney in insolvency and bankruptcy is to reduce all the negative effects both in the insolvent society, but also on the clients or employees. In fact, a good attorney in insolvency will analyze in detail the entire financial situation and will implement a strategy for solving the problems of the company, in order to ensure as much as possible the future of the company or, in other cases, the fulfillment of the interests of the shareholders or the stakeholders.

ENSİS law firm can provide you with advice, support and guidance at every step of the way if you, your business or one of your other stakeholders are facing financial distress.

Our attorneys have unique experience in supporting clients at any stage -from advising on particular issues to rendering comprehensive legal support for all bankruptcy procedures. Our team member also had a chance to actively participate in restructuring and liquidation process of local banks and insurance companies. This helps our team evaluate correctly the prospects for debt repayment by troubled debtors, select the best option for a client for settling troubled debts and make sure all the client’s claims are satisfied as far as possible during debtor bankruptcy procedures.

Moreover, we provide our clients with professional services of the highest quality, irrespective of their type and scope. Having leading specialists in different branches of Azerbaijan law (including tax, real estate, corporate governance, criminal law and proceedings, etc.), we are able to provide overall legal support on all issues arising from both debt enforcement and bankruptcy procedures. For a debtor we first of all carefully analyse its financial situation and try to come up with the most appropriate solution to its bankruptcy solution.

Our law firm provide services as provide you with strategic advice in the lead up to formal insolvency, assist you in understanding the different restructuring and insolvency options available to you, help you with the legalities of entering into your chosen insolvency procedure, work with you on any restructuring plan or proposal, including the sale, acquisition or transfer of insolvency assets or an insolvent business where needed, whether that acquisition is by existing management or an independent third party.

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