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Mergers & Acquisitions

Successful mergers are based upon a deep understanding of industry dynamics, the nature of the merging entities and well thought-out integration plans. In today’s globalized world, many deals occur cross-border and call for multijurisdictional coordination. A clear understanding of specific legislative requirements and commercial issues in the respective countries is required.  In today’s global business environment, expansion strategies, alliances and divestitures often give rise to a wide range of legal, tax, regulatory, and other issues which may impact the overall success or failure of a transaction. We provide advice on suitable structures as well as drafting of relevant agreements and ancillary documents.

All our attorneys are aligned to industry sectors and they have extensive experience in national and cross-border deals in a variety of industries. We understand the internal and external pressures that our clients face throughout a transaction and the industry-specific issues critical to the success of a deal. We guide our clients through every stage of a deal-from due diligence and structuring, to negotiation and preparation of deal documents, to post-transaction transition and post-merger integration.

M&A activities unavoidably affect other areas of company law, such as employment, pensions, tax, financial services regulation and corporate governance. Merger or acquisition can add considerable value to a business, but making sure that each stage of the transaction process—from valuation to negotiation and completion—is successful demands considerable experience and knowledge.

Our services are designed to help our clients to reach their strategic goals by identifying and then implementing opportunities to merge with or acquire other businesses.

Our experienced team of legal and tax advisors are ready to support your strategic business extensively equipped with knowledge of business and tax law.

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